Looking for a new website?

A place to host? We can help

Absolutely! This is one of the crucial parts of owning a website, if you can’t keep your users up to date with what’s going on I haven’t done my job right.

Depending on the size and scale of the project a website can cost anywhere between £400 and upwards of £1000. All of your needs and functionalities are taken into account when pricing as well as time taken to complete.

You do. I don’t own any rights to your website once it’s finished it’s all yours. If  you wish I can transfer all administrator rights to yourself to allow you to remove any access I may have once completed.

The only thing I ask is to be able to add it to my portfolio if I wish and to add a link to the footer as a mark of my work.

On average it can take about a month depending upon how many revisions are needed and what complexity the project reaches. We like to plan before we build so that we make sure you like what we’re going to build beforehand, as it’s the best solution for both parties.